EDGY Product: Instant Cup Fried-Noodle + 1

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on May 30, 2010 11:57 PM


The Powder of Japanese Product Development

As mentioned on the past EDGY JAPAN articles, Japan's awareness on our planet, or environment is very strong, and people and companies have come up with a numerous number of products/services to sustain our planet.

So does the instant food industry.

Instant cup fried-noodle, a product very similar to an instant cup noodle, is one of Japan's greatest inventions. The main difference between these two appears on the cooking process. For an instant cup fried-noodle, you have to drain the water, which is used to cook the noodle. (Unlike an instant cup noodle, an instant cup fried-noodle is NOT a noodle in soup. Check the link above to see the whole process of cooking.)

There's no official figure of the drained water released per year for making an instant cup fried-noodle, but it surely is not-so-negligible amount. In order to tackle this issue, Toyo Suisan, one of the largest cup noodle producers, came up with an innovative product.

It's called Yakisoba Bento (Fried Noodle Lunch box)

The only difference is that it has a soup mix ---- Yes, you use draining hot water to dissolve the soup mix.


Top left -- Soup Mix


The set up.


Pour hot water (used to cook the noodle) into a mug, containing the soup mix.


Two dishes for the process of one!

Yakisoba Bento is only available in Hokkaido Area. (In very rare occasions, it is available in Tokyo.) If you happen to visit Niseko for snowboarding, why not try this treat for your lunch?

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